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We worship together with the Hwaebok Korean community at 9.30am each Sunday. The services are in English, with Korean translations available. Refreshments follow on our Fellowship Terrace.

We celebrate communion on the first Sunday of each month. The services cater for all ages and you are welcome. We are a warm friendly group who are progressive, open-minded and commited to helping people think through the big questions of life: relationships, meaning and hope.

Please click on the following link for a copy of Sunday Liturgies and Homilies - Sunday Reflections

Easter 2019

As part of our Easter Day service we placed a flower on the Cross, together expressing that in Christ, beauty transcends barrenness. We then placed our cross outside the church on Mona Vale Road to share our Easter message.

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Our next concert is to be held on

Sunday June 23 2019 at 2.30pm - West End Musical star, Peter Cousens and legendary Flautist Jane Rutter bring a Magical afternoon of Musical Romance with pianist John Martin.

Sunday July 21 2019 at 2.30pm - The artistry of four talented musicians from the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, bring loved classics on harp, flute, violin and cello.

Sunday August 18 2019 at 2.30pm - The incredible performance of Simon Tedeschi (piano) and Australia's Living Treasure actor John Bell in their latest collaboration with Keats' poetry and Schubert's music "Bright Star". Not to be missed!

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For further information on our Concert program please contact Mrs. Fay Laginestra on 9144 6044 or Church Office.

PLAYGROUPS - Everybody welcome

Monday 10.00 am - 12 noon - Korean spoken on Mondays.

For further information contact Hee Jeon 0433 429 727 or Church Office.

Tuesday 10.00 am - 12 noon. Click on the following links for further details St Ives UC Playgroup flyer or Playgroup webpage.

For further information contact Eve Edmonds on 0422 388 258 or Church Office.


Our next Garage Sale is Saturday November 2nd 2019.

For details of all events contact Church Office 9144 5795

Welcome to the Season of Easter

Many people, Christians included, are unaware that Easter is not just a day – Easter Sunday – but a season of fifty days. The old term used for it was Eastertide. Predictably, the dominant theme for the Easter season is new life. The resurrection of Jesus is not just about the celebration of his survival of death, but is also the lens through which we look at the world generally. Putting it in terms of world-view, the idea of resurrection is about critically assessing the world and society for marks of death and marks of life. For the Christian, proclaiming Christ involves challenging those powers that abuse, maim and kill, and affirming, identifying with, those powers that promote compassion and justice. With this in mind, Easter is an appropriate season to celebrate the goodness of the environment and the Christian duty to protect it. Other realities which may benefit from being seen through an Easter lens, may also include, the challenge of how we think about economics and the way in which, Easter as the season for celebrating life in Christ, would want to say that economics and economic policy need always to be a means to life for all people, not just some: in other words, economics exists to serve people, not people economics.

Finally, during Easter, we also have the opportunity to reflect on Mothers’ Day (May 12th). Sometimes the Church tends to ignore or lightly pass over these events, seeing them as secular in nature. That is short-sighted. Events such as Mothers’ Day, is about people, relationships and the social structures in which we live. Seen through an Easter lens, Mothers’ Day should be celebrated, but with a gentle prod: this being that while motherhood is good, women are not just mothers, but much more. So, the Christ of Easter would encourage us to celebrate women and womanhood in themselves, promoting women’s rights and opportunities in the work-place, at home, and in society generally. 
The season of Easter is about life and living, about the creative dynamic between rights and duties in our relationships. One of the early figures of the church – Irenaeus of Lyon is quoted to have said, “Gloria Dei est vivens homo” – “The glory of God is a living man”. What he meant was that as we look on the face of the man, Jesus, one who as resurrected truly lives, we begin to see the God of life and begin to perceive what we human beings, may ultimately become.

Happy Eastertide!


Easter Brochure 2019


Click on the following links for copies of the Assembly Standing Committee Reports on Marriage and Same-Gender Relationships.

08 Marriage and Same Gender Relationships and B23 Standing Committee Reports on Marriage and Same Gender Relationships

We are proud to be part of the Uniting Church in Australia.

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