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We worship together with the Hwaebok Korean community at 9.30am each Sunday. The services are in English, with Korean translations available. Refreshments follow on our Fellowship Terrace.

We celebrate communion on the first Sunday of each month. The services cater for all ages and you are welcome. We are a warm friendly group who are progressive, open-minded and commited to helping people think through the big questions of life: relationships, meaning and hope.

Please click on the following link for a copy of Sunday Liturgies and Homilies - Sunday Reflections


Our concert series for 2018 ended on Sunday August 19.

For further information on our Concert program for 2019 please contact Mrs. Fay Laginestra on 9144 6044 or Church Office. Please also advise if you would like to be on our mailing list for the 2019 Concert Series.

PLAYGROUPS - Everybody welcome


Monday 10.00 am - 12 noon - Korean spoken on Mondays.

For further information contact Hee Jeon 0433 429 727 or Church Office.

Tuesday 10.00 am - 12 noon. Click on the following links for further details St Ives UC Playgroup flyer or Playgroup webpage.

For further information contact Eve Edmonds on 0422 388 258 or Church Office.


Our Garage Sales for 2018 were very successful and we look forward to welcoming you to our 2019 Garage Sales.

Our first Garage Sale is Saturday May 2nd 2019 and the second is

Saturday November 2nd 2019.

For details of all events contact Church Office 9144 5795


Epiphany 2019

On January 6th, western Christians celebrate the feast of Epiphany, which takes its name from the Greek word epiphaneia, meaning disclosure, unveiling. Epiphany really stands as the highpoint of Christmas: it looks forward to the mission of the Christian church, couched in terms of Jesus as the light of the world.

For the Catholic Church, Epiphany is just one day, January 6th, while the period after Epiphany through till Lent is considered as part of “ordinary time”. For the Protestant tradition, we continue after Epiphany with the season of Epiphany, spending time discussing the mission of the church in the modern world: that is certainly the emphasis of the Uniting Church.

As we think about Christian mission in 2019, the central Gospel reading is Matthew 2:1-12. It concerns the story of the response of the three Magi and Herod to the birth of Jesus, and provides us with insights from ‘left field’. In it, the insiders, the apparent believers of which Herod is one, is bent upon the destruction of Jesus, seeing him as a usurper. On the other hand, the outsiders, the ‘pagan’ Magi, see, discern, and ultimately pay homage to Jesus.

In our current world order, we are becoming increasingly tribalized, slowly but surely seeing ourselves in terms of those to whom ‘we belong’ and those ‘to whom we do not’. In general terms, the Gospel avowedly rejects ‘groupism’ of any sort, whether it be of cultural, class, racial or gender orientation.

The story of the Magi is a particular warning against ‘groupism’, pointing out that God, as the Hebrew Bible puts it, is no ‘‘respecter of persons”, meaning that insight and creativity are reflected in all people, not exclusively in some.

Geoff Dornan





Click on the following links for copies of the Assembly Standing Committee Reports on Marriage and Same-Gender Relationships. 08 Marriage and Same Gender Relationships and B23 Standing Committee Reports on Marriage and Same Gender Relationships

We are proud to be part of the Uniting Church in Australia.

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