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North Shore Dance Academy – Principal Anne Gray – 02 9983 0365

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U3A – Robin Mayrick 02 9449 4467, Alan Barge – 02 9487 2899

St Ives Painting – Yvonne Cleaver – 02 9999 2242

Weightwatchers - Support Team – 02 9928 1300

Nocturnals -yoga group - Peter Mayman 9918 2941 or interim contact Margareta Fletcher 9146 3312. This group runs on Tuesdays from 8.15 - 9.15pm in the Wesley Room.

Multiple Sclerosis Fellowship – Jenny Smith – 02 9144 4943.

Once a month St. Ives Uniting Church welcomes a group of people with Multiple Sclerosis and the members of their Support Group to their meeting room and kitchen facilities. The Support Group serves morning tea and a sandwich lunch. This Support Group is also able to pay half the taxi fares of the clients - the other half is paid by vouchers. The group was first established over 30 years ago and there is an amazing feeling of support felt by the 24 members (clients and supporters).

Please contact Jenny Smith if you would like further information. 02 9144 4943