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St. Ives Uniting Church has had a vital program of significant events over the years which have shaped our development and reached out to both church members and the community.

These have included education, artistic displays, musical events and concerts.

The Magic of Music 2018 Season

Concert 1: The virtuosity of Australia's favourite flautist Jane Rutter.

Australia's flute virtuoso, the glamorous Jane Rutter in a program which was enchanting. Flute Spirits and the Four Seasons was a concert in which Jane played 12 different Gold, Silver, Bamboo Classical & World Flutes.

* * * *

Concert 2: Henry Choo

Henry Choo is regarded as one of Australia's finest young lyric tenors. This was a program of well-loved opera arias and songs from musicals such as West Side Story, Les Mis and Kismet.

* * * *

Concert 3: Simon Tedeschi and John Bell AO OBE

Our regular 'resident' extraordinary pianist, Simon Tedeschi returned to St. Ives with John Bell AO OBE, founder of Bell Shakespeare and one of Australia's National Living Treasures, with a deeply moving performance of Lord Alfred Tennyson's classic 1864 poem ENOCH ARDEN set to music by German Romantic composer, Richard Strauss.

* * * *

Concert 4: Bernadette Robinson

Bernadette Robinson's acclaimed performances in multiple sell-out seasons of the one-woman musical plays Songs for Nobodies and Pennsylvania Avenue have confirmed her standing as one of our leading singer/actresses.

* * * *


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