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St Ives Uniting Church launched its Respect for Seniors Campaign in June 2009 as a way of preventing elder abuse. Our Vision is to promote greater respect and quality of life for seniors.

The launch acknowledged World Elder Abuse Awareness Day with a Purple Ribbon Day “positive celebration of ageing”. In addition to Purple Ribbons everyone was invited to find something purple from their wardrobe to wear. The response was so successful the event was renamed Wear Purple Day.

Wear Purple Day for 2016 was be held on Sunday June 12th at 9.30am. This year's eminent elder was Robyn Gaspari, Chairman Lifeline Centres NSW, Zonta Past District Governor. Robyn was interviewed by Rev. Geoff Dornan. Service 9.30 am - 10.30 am. Annual Elder's Interview 11.00 am - 11.45 am. Click here for Wear Purple Day 2016 flyer.

Wear Purple Day for 2015 was held on Sunday June 14th. Our preacher was the Moderator of the Uniting Church for New South Wales and ACT - Rev. Myung Hwa Park. Our eminent elder guest interviewee was Everald Compton AM from Queensland - founder of National Seniors.

Wear Purple Day for 2014 was held on Sunday June 15th and our speaker was Rev. Jorge Rebolledo. Our Eminent Elder interview was with Dr. Yvonne McMaster OAM (retired palliative care specialist and tireless campaigner for increased palliative care and cancer support services).

As long as 10 years ago a panel of Ku-ring-gai officers raised concerns about domestic violence within the local community. St Ives Uniting Church took an interest and found a significant area of concern related to the abuse of seniors. The congregation took up the challenge and obtained funding from Uniting Care Ageing to identify how a Respect for Seniors project could contribute to the positive prevention of Elder Abuse.

Research has identified Ageism, and lack of respect as major factors in the mistreatment of older adults. And older adults have identified respect as one of the most essential aspects contributing to their quality of life.

“Respect is better than food and drink”

“One rude word to an old man is stronger than stabbing him with a knife”

“People talk down to us-call us ‘sweetie’ or ‘dearie’ – tell us what to do”

These are just some of the comments made by older people who were interviewed in a World Health Organisation report titled “Missing Voices”.

Negative attitudes toward older people can be partly addressed by highlighting older adults’ individual, collective, and lifelong contributions to our society.

Tributes to Seniors - Wear Purple Day 2012

The Respect for Seniors campaign aims to help prevent domestic or family violence through promoting a more positive and respectful attitude towards older people. Initially this will be through “Community Conversations” based on the topic of mutual respect.

The Congregation of St Ives Uniting Church invites you to join the small group of committed citizens who hope to change the world and create a safe, respectful society in which we can all grow old with dignity and respect.

Go to our Respect for Seniors partner site for resources and more information about Elder Abuse Prevention and Wear Purple Day. Respect for Website