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St Ives Uniting Church reaches out to people in every part of their lives.



Our special events include:

Concerts: We provide top quality events at a reasonable price, and also support and encourage local talent and worthwhile causes, including Trad Jazz, Classical and other styles.

We welcome you and your friends to these events and hope that they enrich your living.

You can see the calendar of Special Events for the year below or ask for it from the Church Office.

For details of our regular worship times please click on the following link. Worship.

For details of Past Events click on the following link. Past Events.




Special Events


The Magic of Music 2020 Concert Series Cancellation

The Church Council have decided to cancel the above series. Please see note below from our Concert Organiser Fay Laginestra.

"It is with great regret that I have to announce today that our Magic of Music concert series for this year has been cancelled. As increased controls for the coronavirus pandemic are announced, it has been decided that our church's concern for the community must be the first consideration.

Measures so far taken by Government have been describd as "intermediate", so we believe we should not take any risks with our audience with the possibility of further restrictions being announced.

Many entertainment, music and theatre organisers have already taken similar action and cancelled events.

We hope everyone will understand our concern to do everything possible to minimise the risk of increasing cases of coronavirus.

Warm regards Fay Laginestra"


All dates and events may be subject to change

Please contact Church Secretary (02) 9144 5795 for latest info.