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The Ark is a group that meets to discuss current events: examining them interpreting them and when we feel courageous enough, shedding a progressive Christian light upon them.

The term “Ark” was dreamt up ‘tongue in cheek’, aware that it was only Noah who interpreted the events of his time accurately. That we were all Noahs!

Please click on the links below to view the relevant documents for each session of The Ark.

THE ARK 2019

December 6th 2019 - Articles from Guardian

November 8th 2019 - Articles from Aljazeera

June 7th 2019 - How Phonies and Self Promoters came to rule the world.

Phonies - SMH - May 2019 . Bernstein - Private vs Public Interest .

August 2nd 2019 - Like Noah - Getting it right.

Articles from the Guardian .

THE ARK 2018

April 6th 2018 - A Potpourri - Sexual Abuse. The Murray Darling Crisis . Paul Stiglitz on Globalization. Geoffrey Robinson an Abused Bishop . Turnbull blasts Churches . Hannam on Murray Darling Basin . Stiglitz on Globalization .

May 4th 2018 - A Hodgepodge - The Uniting Church and its Record on Child Abuse. Humanity's Diminishment through the Market. Stephen Hawking's Multiverse Hypothesis. Looking Back to the Uniting Church Record and Response to Child Abuse . Markets Degrade the Human Person - Stuart Jeffries - Guardian . Stephen Hawking's Multiverse Hypothesis Inadvertently Strengthens the Case for God as Creator .

June 8th 2018 - A Medley - The 2018 Budget and Foreign Aid Cuts. American 'Diplomacy'. The Ramsay Centre, the ANU and Academic Freedom. Reviving Faith in Democracy. 2018 - budget blog - 20180509 . A New Form of American Diplomacy . Ramsay Think Tank and the ANU . Reviving Faith in Democracy .

July 6th 2018 - A Gallimaufry - The Price of Self-Regulation. Ideology and Academic Freedom. The Australian Author Tim Winton: Is his Preoccupation with Males about Mysoginy?. Financial Services Sector Royal Commission . Ramsay Centre Chapter 11 in the Saga . Tim Winton. Misogynist or What? .

September 7th 2018 - A Salmagundi - Francis 1 and the Right. Down Under and Government Powers over Privacy. The Misery of Brtish Society amid Rampant Inequality. Francis I and the Right . NY Times - Down Under, Government Powers over Privacy . Restructuring British Society .

October 5th 2018 - A Variety - Britain's Challenge of Social Equality. The Millenials, Job Hunting and the Horror of Artificial Intelligence. Latin America's Lessons on Confronting State Policy on Torture. Britain's Challenge with Social Equality - UK Guardian . Looking for Jobs in an Automated Age . The Conversation - What Latin America Can Teach about Responding to Torture .

December 7th 2018 - Here are three articles for your consideration.

The first, about the Proposed Energy Regulation of the Energy Industry is interesting if only because it is a measure being put into law with minimal consultation with the Energy Industry: and this by a pro-free market conservative federal government. On the other hand the Labor Opposition opposes it. Wow…talk about a “turn up for the plus 4s” as Lieutenant George once said in the comedy “Black Adder on the Western Front”. Proposed Energy Regulation

The second, concerns the mess of the Proposed Discrimination Bill being fought out in the federal parliament as I write to you. The official position of the Uniting Church is that exemptions should be kept to a bare minimum…the exact mirror image of Sydney Diocese Evangelical Anglicanism and the conservative evangelical churches, plus to a lesser extent, the Catholic Church in Australia. Proposed Discrimination Bill for LGBTI Students and Religious Schools

The third is a bit of a surprise….a review in the New York Times of a really interesting albeit depressing movie called “First Reformed”.  Not sure whether it is in Australia yet or at all. First Reformed - Film Review by New York Times

THE ARK - 2017

October 6th 2017 - Lobbyism as a Threat to Representative Democracy. The Rise of Lobbyism in Australia - John Menadue . Lobbyists and Australian Democracy . Interests in Democracies .

November 10th 2017 - Foreign Investment in Australia - Necessary but Complicated. Lowy Institute on Rules for Foreign Investment . Andrew Leigh on the Positive Nature of Foreign Investment . Andrew Leigh on a Fairer Australia . Adani 1 .

December 1st 2017 - The 'Rationality" of Guns in the US and Loopholes in Australian Law. Journey to Gunland . Gun Control - Loophole in Australia . Australia's Gunlaws - Solution for US .