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"Green Power - Caring for God's Creation"

Our solar panel system, installed in 2010, has been averaging a daily output of 35.56 kilowatt hours per day. Our annual average is approximately 13,000 kilowatt hours of clean energy and avoids an estimated 15 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year.

Team EffortWe always put out the 'red' carpet

St. Ives Uniting Church is a vibrant congregation located at the corner of Mona Vale Road and Douglas Street, St. Ives. First and foremost we are a Christian church endeavouring to worship God as revealed to us by Jesus Christ.

To this end our regular worship service is at 9.30 am each Sunday, and these services can best be described as “informally traditional”. Both traditional and modern music is used and the message often seeks to interpret current events in our society in relation to the Christian Gospel.

Children are particularly welcome and there are activities available in church for children and teenagers each week, as well as worship format that seeks to relate to and involve them. Click on the following links for more information about activities for children and families. Children and Families

We have two adult fellowship groups.

Women’s Day Fellowship meets on the 1st Tuesday of the month at 10.00 am in the Wesley Room.

We also have The Friday Night Group which is for working aged men and women and meets twice a month, mostly on Friday evenings.

The “Garage Sales” are held twice a year and are always good fun, raising a surprising amount of money which we can channel into our welfare programs.

Click on the following link for further information. Group Activities

There are many groups within and associated with our congregation. Groups Sharing Our Building

For further information on any of the above items please contact our Church Office Secretary on (02) 9144 5795 or go to the links above.

Respect for Seniors Program

Respect for Seniors is a grassroots campaign that empowers individuals and communities to share the vision of a more respectful society. The goal of Respect for Seniors is to create a safe, caring community, where we can all age with dignity. Please click on the following link to visit the website for Respect for Seniors Respect for Seniors

Special events in the life of our congregation

As we count down to the celebration of St Ives Uniting Church's 60th Anniversary in 2023, we look back to the celebration of the 50th Anniversary. As part of those celebrations, Howard Walker prepared a booklet for us entitled St Ives Uniting Church 50 Memorable Years - please click on the following link for a copy of this booklet. St Ives Uniting Church 50 Memorable Years. The cover for this booklet is a separate link 50 Memorable Years Cover Only.

Below are some photos from the 50th Anniversary Service.

Jubilee Service
Rev. Lock Finlay & family
Synod Moderator Rev Dr Brian Brown
Children's Worship Place
Rob McFarlane & Brian Brown
Many happy reunions for our Jubilee
Doug Purnell & old friends
The 'girls' reunion
A good fellowship day
The 'boys' reunion

David Ossip

St Ives Ward Councillor was our guest

Refreshments on the Fellowship Terrace