St Ives Uniting Church
Finding meaning in Christ, finding purpose in life.





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St Ives Uniting Church

Our Vision

St Ives Uniting Church -

finding meaning in Christ finding purpose in life


Our Mission

Christ calls us to make disciples

St Ives Uniting Church reaches out to people seeking meaning and purpose,

inviting them to life-transforming encounters with God.

St Ives Uniting Church shows God's love to all people,

in the local community, nationally and globally.

St Ives Uniting Church is a community of respect for all people.


Mission Goals

How are we going to get there?

Children and families. To connect with children and their parents in order that they may have foundations for lifelong faith in Christ.

Mid-life transitions. To help people asking the big questions about life to find or re-find faith through transforming encounters with Christ.

Seniors. To build a culture of safety and respect within the congregation and the wider community and through developing programs of companionship and support in the transition to supported living, and life-stage questions of meaning and purpose.

Cross-cultural. To connect with people of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds in order to extend Christ's inclusive love to all, focussing on both new arrivals into the community around St. Ives Uniting Church and asylum seekers entering Australia.

Our Vision and Mission Poster