St Ives Uniting Church
Finding meaning in Christ, finding purpose in life.





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Worship takes place at St Ives Uniting every Sunday at 9.30am. The atmosphere is friendly, and not too formal, involving choral presentations, hymns both old and new, organ and piano, and a reflection from our Minister. Please click on the following link for a copy of Sunday Orders of Service and Sermons: Sunday Reflections

Commissioning of Richie Dulin as Pastor of St. Ives Uniting Church

Sunday August 14th 2022 - A happy day of celebration for Richie and Beth as well as the congregation of St. Ives Uniting Church. See Sunday Reflections for a copy of the Order of Service and Richie's Sermon entitled "Looking Forward".


"Christ the light of the world"

Stained glass window of St. Ives Uniting Church by David Saunders.

The centre of bright yellow represents Christ the light of the world.

The bright yellow forms a path along which walk the feet of the faithful.

The red flame attached to each foot represents the Holy Spirit.

Strengthened by Him these people are to "walk in the light"

and reflect the light of Christ in the world.

The colours symbolise: red, the act of redemption by Christ;green, the symbol of eternal life; purple, the Kingship of Christ.


Children's Corner


"Fun for young and old"

Helps to have an engineer on hand.







As part of our Easter Day service we place a flower on the Cross, together expressing that in Christ, beauty transcends barrenness. We then place our cross outside the church on Mona Vale Road to share our Easter message.



Children are particularly welcome and there are activities available in church for children and teenagers each week, as well as a worship format that seeks to relate to and involve them. Click on the following link for more information about activities for children and families. Children and Families

On the first Sunday of each month we celebrate the sacrament of Holy Communion, and special services are scattered throughout the year. These include ‘highlight Easter services', Bereavement Service and the annual Christmas Carol and Christmas Day Service.

Our worship is thoughtful and modern, seeking to address the needs of people living in the world right now. It shares the Gospel of God’s love and seeks to present it in a contemporary way.



Christmas Celebrations

We celebrated with symbols of Hope, Peace, Joy and Love