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The group activities for St. Ives Uniting Church are many and varied. Some of these are detailed below.

For further details of all activities carried out on our church premises see Mission Activities, Outreach Activities and Groups Sharing Our Building

Christian Meditation

Our Christian Meditation group meets each Thursday evening on Zoom; we listen to a reflective talk, we pray, and we meditate silently and to music. Each gathering runs for around 45 minutes. If you would like to join in, even if it's just to 'try it out', please contact Richie Dulin on 0411 680 505.

Picnic at Wildflower Garden

St. Ives Uniting Church Women’s Day Fellowship (WDF) - is a group of approximately 20 women who meet on the first Tuesday of each month in the Wesley Room.

We begin our get together with morning tea at 10.00am. Our meetings are very varied and we aim to have a good mixture of faith, fun and fellowship.

One of the aims of this group is to nurture a fellowship between members that is a true expression of Christ-like acceptance of, and caring and compassion for, each other.

New members are always welcome - if you would like any further information please contact Dianne (President) on 8065 7286.

Monday Morning Seniors Coffee Group meets at St. Ives Village Shopping Centre.

For more information contact Church Office 9144 5795.

Children and Families – below is information about activities for children and teenagers, or for further information click on the following link to be taken to the Children and Families page. Children and Families


During the Sunday morning service our youth sit in with the congregation. They often participate through readings, welcoming, or the set up of technology. These young people are a precious and valued part of our community and also join with the Sunday Morning Group.

We offer a variety of activities to the youth according to interest and availability.

Preschool and school aged children are welcome to remain with their parents or guardians if they wish.

Parents are welcome to join the children in their activities at the back of the church.

For more information contact Church Office or phone 9144 5795


At St. Ives Uniting Church we value seniors in many ways, both formal and informal.

For many years we had a structured program focussing particularly on the needs of senior folk in our community. Driven by Bob Knox, this has involved production of videos, literature and kits for distribution - especially for schools. Although now officially discontinued , we continue to draw on this experience as we minister to the older members of our congregational family through our pastoral case program.

Church Garage Sales

In 2023, Church Council regretfully decided to discontinue Garage Sales after a final sale in November. It was felt that the time involved and the physical load on personnel was becoming excessive, in spite of the significant support received from many friends who are not regular members. On a positive note, our two downstairs storage rooms will be rented to the North Shore Dance Academy for use as wardrobe rooms - bringing in significant funds to partially replace those earned at Garage Sales.

We are currently planning other church activities which will help us maintain the camaraderie and social outreach previously enjoyed at Garage Sales.

Further details from Church Office or phone 9144 5795